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Welcome Floatplane Pilots!

This site is dedicated to all floatplane pilots past, present and future. We welcome both private and commercial pilots, as well as others with an interest in float flying.

Our hope is to make of this site a meeting place where we come to seek and share ideas, information and experiences related to float flying. We also want this site to be a useful resource for pilots seeking weather and flightplanning information, destination and route reports, cross-country fuel availability, links to BC Parks websites and MLA contacts, as well as links to a wide variety of aviation sites and materials related to flying floats, and aviation in general.

There will be an opportunity to talk to other pilots on a variety of topics in the community section and most importantly become informed about issues related to wilderness access and related topics.

The photo albums will provide an opportunity for our members to share photographs of airplanes, wilderness locations and people.

We welcome your input and suggestions as we strive to make this a useful and enjoyable resource.

Rod Bianco     John Baker


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